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Our Heart

The aspiration and ambition of IPS is to provide a new style of fabrication, skilled site and offshore personnel and full welding engineering services company (Our Soul) - taking what is often regarded as a commodity service to a highly regarded specialised service (Our Spirit).

The people are the heart of IPS, and although created by the directors: the service is delivered by its people. Throughout the organisation each person understands that customer focus is paramount.

The key to this is providing our clients with visibility on scope delivery, starting with an accurate delivery schedule at the quote stage and regular updates during the execution phase until project completion.

Meet the Directors

The unique combination of the three directors' experience, skills, and knowledge has ensured the heart of IPS is strong.

This combination ensures the most efficient, cost effective and unique service offering is provided.

Robert Steel

Robert Steel

Robert attained a degree in Accountancy, MA from Aberdeen University. Robert has 17 years in the finance sector working for commercial banks and service companies with specific strength for aligning commercial needs to client specifications.

Robert is responsible for finance and business support.

Claim to Fame: Robert was National doubles table tennis champion.

Raff Celentano

Raff Celentano

A chartered chemical engineer, CEng, BEng (Hons) with a second degree, MBA. Raff has 30 years experience working for both service companies and operators with expertise ranging from commercial, operations through to construction and commissioning.

Raff is responsible for commercial and compliance.

Claim to Fame: Raff has written a cook book for charity which received praise from Jamie Oliver.

Bob Steel

Bob Steel

A fabrication expert pivotal to the growth of major fabrication companies. Bob has 35 years experience with a strong focus on commercial & operations gained from the shop floor, offshore construction, and investing in youth development.

Bob responsible for operations and learning & development.

Claim to Fame: Bob was tasked with explaining welding principles to Prince Charles.

Our Soul

IPS has its soul set in ‘Progress Through Innovation’ aimed to continuously provide the best and most efficient service by challenging the norm.

From the adoption of ‘de Bono’ lateral thinking techniques we are constantly looking at areas to challenge and improve our service offering. The result can range from major changes to the implementation of simple ‘Kanban’ visual systems, which optimise the management of work as it moves through the process.

By working across various industries, IPS continues to enhance its service by taking best practices across the different sectors and integrating them into their workflow.

Our services are all certified under DNV ISO9001:2015 and aligned to IPS values (our Spirit). We work across the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Renewables
  • Subsea
  • Marine
  • Construction


We undertake all types of fabrication scopes and coordinate all aspects of the project from material supply and manufacture, through to NDT, pressure testing, and coating before delivery. All the scopes are reviewed by IPS welding engineering at the quote stage to ensure that the correct procedure is applied.

Our fabrication facilities and systems allow us to undertake:

  1. Pipework
    IPS undertake all aspects of piping including PED Cat I, II & III (Lloyds PED Module D & B certification) covering all sizes and various materials from carbon steel and exotics (inc. stainless steels, super-duplex, duplex, nickel alloys, cunifer 90/10) to many dissimilar metal combinations.

  2. Structural
    IPS undertake all aspects of structural fabrication covering all sizes and various materials including carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Every scope regardless of scope size, from a single repair order to large projects, is treated with equal importance and delivered to the same high standard.

Where required we closely liaise with clients to provide bespoke solutions.

Site and Offshore Personnel

We place the upmost attention to calibre of personnel we provide for site work. These are representative of IPS and thus required to follow our high standards.

IPS believe the high standard of fabrication and welding in IPS workshops should be applied to its site personnel. Every trade personnel is subject to rigorous training and competency re-valuations. Not only have we monitored their trade skills but their personality, culture and attitude ensuring our clients gets the right person for the job.

We have supplied welders, pipe-fitters, platers, welding inspectors, and quality assurance/control personnel: to sites offshore, across the UK, all over Europe, and world-wide.

IPS formula for ensuring successful offshore/site welded scopes (φ) is:

α × β × γ = φ

Where (all provided by IPS as required):

α = right procedure

β = right qualified welder

γ = right equipment

IPS understand the importance of every element and can support one or all components to provide
a ‘right first time’ outcome.

Welding Engineering Services

We offer 3 rd party welding engineering services to the same high standard that we undertake for our own requirements. All our systems and procedures are certified as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification.

IPS can evaluate all your welding requirements, assess your welding procedures and support including:

  • Welding Procedure Development
  • Welder/Procedure Qualifications
  • On-site Weld Monitoring and Assessment
  • Welding Consultancy Services
  • Welding Technical Support
  • Welder Coaching and Training

We can manage every step from material supply, perform the welding, Notified Body (NoBo) management, NDT and material/mechanical testing. Our flexible model allows the client to choose which parts of the service you wish IPS to undertake.

Our Spirit

With our spirit to take what is often regarded as a commodity service to a highly regarded
specialised service our mission and vision have been born:

Mission Statement

To deliver and ensure the highest level of welding expertise
throughout all our service offerings.

Vision Statement

To offer the IPS customer focused service at a global level.

These are underpinned with our three core values.
Our values are more than just company values, they are natural behaviours which define the IPS culture.
These are further strengthened through our Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR).

Help Others

Help clients, work colleagues, family, friends and the community.

Give 100%

Always gives one’s best to clients, family or one own individual tasks.

Honour Pledges

Fulfill ones’ commitments made to people from all parts of life.

Our Home

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AB21 0GL

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